Jun 22, 2009

OSMOSIS : 10th Anniversay of Super-All Inclusive Vibes and Beautiful People

From a small house party in Beverly Hills to the mammoth super all-inclusive experience Kingston socialites look forward to annually. It just keeps getting better and better. It’s been 10 years of Super-All Inclusive, Vibes and Beautiful people and we’re not slowing down. We’re merging all the best elements of Osmosis together to bring you an unforgettable celebration, our 10th Anniversary edition!

This time, the sprawling greenways of the Caymanas Stables become your playground. These rolling plains will be canvassed in first-class décor to transport you to the Osmosis nirvana. From plush cabanas decked out with uber comfy seating to signature tents, once you step in our world, you’ll know you have arrived.

For those who wish an even more premium experience, within the event, Cabana City is there to dote on your every need: you can party Osmosis style while being waited on by hostesses, and enjoying top shelf alcohol and fine cuisine.

If you’re in the throws of the party, you’re still set to indulge in the best of the best. We know one of the highlights of Osmosis is the ability to pick and choose from feasts by the city’s most revered eateries. Our 19 restaurateurs are set to blow you away again, as they gear up to put their very best on show.

To keep your energy up throughout the night, the bars will be ample. Allowing you a vast selection and easy access to your drink of choice. When you’re ready to hit the dancefloor again, our untouchable DJs will test your stamina as they serve up hit after hit. Keeping the vibe at climax till dawn.

All the while, you’ll be mingling with the who’s who of the social scene: from dignitaries to supermodels, from CEOs to artistes, the crowd promises to be as chic as the Osmosis package. You’ll be partying with the IT people who are serious about partying.

You have not hit your party bliss until you’ve stepped in the Osmosis 10th anniversary edition. Come and be wowed – have every sense titillated.

It’s been 10 years of Osmosis… are you ready for more?

On Saturday July 4, 2009 Caymanas Stables will come alive with "more fyah. Super all inclusive provided by:Cuddyz, Elite Catering, Habibi Latino, Ribkage, Deserts by ShaSu's Catering, So So Seafood, Shrimp to Go (by Gourmet To go), Monsters Pork Pit, Reggae Jammin Rotisserie, Gourmet to Go, TGIFridays, Pizza Pazza, Breakfast by Tessa's.

Admission: $3000 female 3500 male pre-sold 4000 @ Gate

Limited Cabana's City Tickets Available email: osmosis.cabana@gmail.com,


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