Jun 11, 2009

“Grease Monkeys” escape from Equiknoxx Studios"

The Equiknoxx camp is one that apparently never rests, following up a host of new music already released this summer is a new and groundbreaking juggling riddim entitled “Grease Monkey” the riddim features Equiknoxx’s emerging talent Lil Joe, Sweet Songstress “Timeka Marshall” & you guessed JA’s Most Wanted “Aidonia”.

“The entire thing jus come from a night filled with good vibes inna di studio enuh, no plan” said Koffy of Equiknoxx Music when asked about the motivation behind this riddim and the songs. First up is Lil Joe with “Crazy” a groovy 60’s love ballad dedicated to those girl’s that do men wrong but the men just can’t stay away.

Timeka let’s her male callers know that it won’t be as easy a candlelight dinner and a movie to get in her good graces on her track entitled “Doesn’t matter”. Aidonia is his usual creative self on his track entitled So right, another groovy song to complement the already groovy beat, he discusses those girls in the club or in the dancehall that are just “So Right”.

“We literally took 2 days to complete this project, sometimes the work just flows when there’s good chemistry, everybody was just helping each other and before you know it we have 3 big bad songs” said Koffy.

The “Grease Monkey” riddim is another excellent display of Equiknoxx’s ability to always grace us with a new sound, a lovely fusion between 60’s rock music and traditional dancehall this one is guaranteed to be blazing the airwaves as well as every night time event.

- Grease Money Riddim

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Grease Monkey Riddim Cd

Grease Monkey Riddim Cd

Grease Monkey Riddim Cd


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