Jul 1, 2009

What will Red stripe Dreamers get at Ras Beer Vibes and Absinthe

Two of the best parties that have never been held outside the Corporate Area will make their country debut during the Red Stripe Dream Weekend August 6 to 9.

Set for August 6 and 8, at Margaritaville and Bourbon Beach respectively, the distinctly different Absinthe and Ras Beer Vibes have been staples on the party scene for quite sometime even though Beer Vibes had been on a short hiatus. Still, over time each event has built a solid reputation. "Patrons have come to recognise our event as one that guarantees fun," explains Absinthe promoter Gersham Greene. "It's not one of those parties that you go to 'socialise'. That is one of the things that Red Stripe loved about our event. When you come to an Absinthe, the vibe is contagious."

Absinthe promises great refreshing music from some of the best deejays and sound systems around including Coppershot, Johnny Cool and DJ Liquid. But no party could be complete without the drinks. The Red Stripe mixology that was developed specifically for this party, offers a wide variety of mixes, all of which feature Red Stripe as an ingredient. "It's very refreshing, unique, you will find that plays a tremendous role in helping patrons enjoy themselves," Greene said

Ras Beer Vibes, a high-intensity party, had been a staple of the entertainment scene for a few years but like all good things, it came to an end. "The members grew up a little bit and decided to spend a little more time on their personal lives, much to the chagrin of the fans," Solomon Sharpe, one of the promoters explained. "The fans continued to ask for it and in the summer of 2007 we gave them a little reintroduction."

Their appetites whetted, the fans craved for more Beer Vibes. So, having been approached by members of the Dream Team, Sharpe said, it was decided to bring Beer Vibes back for the Dream Weekend. "We got a look-in based on our being a good alternative to what is standard, to what normally happens down in Negril," he said. Sharpe describes Beer Vibes as a "hardcore party". "To define hardcore is to define Tony Matterhorn, to define hardcore you define Firelinks; real intense juggling. These guys are coming with dub-plates to exercise their musical prowess," he said. "Years ago Firelinks did a special dub-plate calling himself Mr Ras, so when you think about where it has come from and how the party scene has changed, we're that nostalgic blast that is still current."

Sharpe said there will be non-stop hardcore action with Firelinks, Matterhorn, Panther with Black Kat, Mad Ras and Rebel T and Coppershot. As well as Black Blunt from Negril. "We're leaving no stone unturned," Sharpe said.

SOURCE: The Jamaica Observer

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