Jun 28, 2009

P. Diddy to Start Endorsing Guinness and Red Stripe ?

P.Diddy may strike a deal with Diageo, the world's largest brewery company in the world, to promote the Guiness and Red Stripe beer brands, according to Advertising Age. In 2007, the Hip Hop entrepreneur teamed up with Diageo to promote its Ciroc vodka brand.

A spokesperson from the company declined to elaborate on the potential deal, commenting that the company does not make statements on rumors.

As the face of the Ciroc Vodka brand, Diddy has had a hand in the creative aspects of the beverage's marketing and is generally credited for the upturn in the drink's sales. Ciroc Vodka has been steadily become the vodka of choice at premium Jamaican events such as Klump, and can be seen on the shelves of New Kingston newest night club and lounge PURE||PLUSH. However, Diddy is not the only Hip Hop figure who has aligned himself with alcoholic beverage brands. Jay-Z signed a deal with Bud Select, Common supported Smirnoff, and Kanye West backed Absolut. Such alignments are not uncommon within a genre that makes many references to such brands in songs and videos.

Diddy's attempt to juggle three alcohol brands, however, is not common. For the most part, artists have involved themselves with one endorsement at a time. In addition to the potential deal with Guiness and Red Stripe, Diddy also has his own clothing line, fragrance line, and continues to be involved in the music industry.

Diageo nor Diddy have commented on the possible deal.


SOURCE: www.hiphopdx.com

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