Jul 7, 2009

Who is Chino Mcgregor ?

Princelion from the blog dhn-flyingabout.blogspot.com was in Jamaica recently where he he met up with Daniel “Chino” McGregor, son of Freddie McGregor and brother of the greatest producer, now in JA: Stephen “DiGenius”. Here is what they talk about:

Princelion: How and when did you start singing?

Chino: I started professionaly in 1998, and i started immidiately with experience, so i was either o tour or in studio.

What does Chino mean? And why are you named like this?

I don't think it has a certain meaning, originally it was Cappuccino, 'cause i simpathyzed for it, and then it became Chino.

We know that you play many instruments such as guitar, drums, piano and bass, did you make some of the pieces of your album 'Unstoppable'?

The 'Unstoppable' album, which was released in Japan, sees my contributions musically in the production, like giutar, keyboards.

What kind of relation do you have with your brother? Just as family members or also as collegues?

Is much of a family unity, all family take part, Big Ship, me, Stephen, Shema, of course the Captain, we all work collectively as a family, not really a stricht business atmosphere, cause we have the studio at home so we just collect the moment and spread the idea.

Since your childohood you have learned from big artist as Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffith, Bounty Killa e Beenie Man, but what do you think about new artist as Laden, Bramma, Rhyno and so on?

Those new artists are just the future of dancehall, of reggae music. A lot of people don't understand that music is a cycle, i mean, that evrey now and then a set of artists and producers come, and then an other set comes. Now we see Laden and Bramma, and in the future new artist will come with other producers

What does your dad think about your music?

He is asolutely very supportive.

What is your opinion on the jamaican music scene? What do you think about the 'battle' between Portmore Empire and Alliance? Do you take parts?

"battle"?! Between Empire and alliance... actually i think business moves faster now, with no disrispect for any of them, cause i'm cool with both, but i think they're waisting their time, the music paste them, cause if you listen to songs, specially to the words of songs like "time to shine", "protected" or songs like this, that's the mood that the people are in right now, there is no space in dancehall for negativity right now and i don't think we need that anyway, cause we want to move forward and put dancehall and jamaican music on a more international level. As i said before they're waisting their time and the people are not really gravitating around that right now.

Can you tell us something about Federation, the sound with whom you made the mixcd “The Formula”?

Federation, close close brethrern, family, we have a family bond. We made the mixcd and it went very well, specially trough America. Recently a show that we put on in Manhattan, New York, that was really big, myself, Sean Paul, Leftside, Timberlee... real good, real good, so a big Federation

Do you know the italian singer Alborosie? What do you think about him?

Yeah man, actually we recorded a song for him, and we shot a viedo for him a couple of years ago. Yeah I know what he is doing, as an Italian representing our culture.

In a couple of days you're leaving for a big tour in Europe and Africa, and your going to play in Ghana, how do feel about that? Have you already played in Africa?

Yeah, i played in africa once, in Gambia, this is my forst ghana trip, africa is always cool, it reminds me of Jamaica, a lot. And the European tour should be fun, looking forward to be back in Italy again, last time that i was there it was great.

Your gonna be at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Italy, is it your first time in Italy?

First time, and i'm lookign forward to this.

Are you working on a new album? When will it be released?

You can look for that in the last quarter of '09, some of the songs are gonna be there, like “Rough it up”, “Protected”, “Call We Name”, “From Mawnin”, and a lot of exclusive in the album , so look up for that.

SOURCE: dhn-flyingabout.blogspot.com


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