Jul 3, 2009

Rhythm N Booze ATI 2009...Return to Fantasy Island.

Rhythm N Booze ATI 2009...Return to Fantasy Island.” WHERE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN”

Theme concept: We have been shipped wrecked on an island somewhere deep in the Caribbean. The only thing we have to our name is the rum in our cabins and the sound system powered by our generator from the ship.

At first glance the plight looks like the end. Until we decide to throw a party on FANTASY island. Only thing is the island is populated by strange sights and tribal natives.

With a name like that for a party, it would only be fair to make sure that its name lives up to its hype. Over the course of 5 years and 14 staging’s that is exactly what the promoters of R&B have done; providing patrons with excess rhythms from the best djs and the finest selections of drink cocktails and mixes.

R&B over the years has garnered an almost urban legend status as being one of “The” must attend events, with a reputation of being a high energy party from start to finish. The party caters to the die hard, music loving, party loving, vibes loving connoisseurs.

As faithful patrons would say it’s a party compared to no other, in that an R&B party is one that always provides a memorable experience for everyone. Many friendships and relationships have been formed, many popular djs got their first exposure and the party caters to everyone especially the ladies.

R&B has a long standing relationship with one of Jamaica’s and the worlds leading liquor brands Appleton Jamaica Rum, which has allowed the promoters to push the R&B brand locally and also by its association with ATI, internationally.

This year’s ATI will be another testing ground for R&B, as it now join hands with Absolute Entertainment and Appleton Jamaica Rum in providing nothing but the best events and venues for everyone coming to Negril and also future cementing the ATI brand as the brand of choice based upon its experience, patrons and abilities to execute such a national event.


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