Oct 1, 2009

Family Court Summons Dancehall Artist Busy Signal ( paternity results inside)

Deejay Busy Signal is currently involved in 'baby mother drama', as the mother of a five-and-a-half month old baby is seeking the help of the Family Court to establish paternity (see copy of paternity test below) and to obtain child support.

When The STAR spoke to the mother of the child, Shantal Chin, yesterday, she explained that she recently visited the Family Court in downtown Kingston on Monday, where a summons was sent to the deejay, whose real name is Reanno Gordon. The two are to appear for family counselling on October 7.

THE STAR made several calls and sent text messages to Busy Signal and his manager Shane Brown but was unsuccessful in getting a response.

According to 19-year-old Chin, she and Busy were together for one year and seven months and she was one month pregnant when the two broke up. She says however, that since becoming pregnant and having the baby she has only received money from the deejay a few times as he claimed the baby was not his. A DNA paternity test was recently done and a copy of the report dated August 13, 2009 containing the results was sent to The STAR. The test allegedly suggests that the probability of Gordon being the father is 99.9999 per cent.

Chin explained, "He wanted the test done because people were talking that it wasn't his. When I was first pregnant he was helping out. I went to Panama to stay with my aunt and the baby was born. When I came back he saw the baby and he gave me money. Like a month I kept calling him back and he neva answered, I dunno if he was here. So I spoke to his manager who said that Busy said he's not gonna give me no more money that's why he's not answering because he don't think it's his baby. So I said, 'okay, can you set up something for us to do a DNA test then cause I cannot be taking care of the baby on my own'."

After getting the results, Chin said that Busy still refused to take her calls which resulted in her taking the matter to court. In the meantime, Chin has moved to live in Ocho Rios where she is single-handedly taking care of her daughter while trying to find a job.

She said; "Its been really hard. My family is not there anymore because before I was living with an aunt in Beverly Hills very contented. When I got pregnant I had to leave dere and live wid friends...I was in school at the time, till I got pregnant and kicked out and couldn't go back wid his baby. Him need to step up and start helping. Is not like I want to be with him. Even if I don't have to talk to him for the rest of my life, I don't care, I just want to make sure my daughter is okay."

According to Chin, persons have been on various Internet sites calling her derogatory names and saying that the baby is not Busy's. She however, hopes to clear her name and show the world that she is not telling lies on the deejay.

SOURCE:The Jamaica Star


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