Oct 8, 2009

French Kiss an Experience To Remember

As patrons drunkenly staggered out of the Pantry in New Kingston after 3 a.m. on Sunday morning from French Kiss: Autumn Desires, it was evident that the party for most was money well spent.

With a total of five bars including a LADIES ONLY BAR courtesy of Quality Bars with interesting drink mixes, as well as dashing ladies in sexy outfits giving out party favours, French Kiss had everything in place for a memorable experience. Patrons arrived fashionably late strolling in after 1 a.m. as Code Red kept the music going in the early segment. Women came out in high heels that were often kicked off during the night and short skirts and dresses rode up when the 'daggerin' segment started. The Jose Cuervo shots bar at the back of the venue was popular with a steady stream of persons frequenting the area, as well as the ice cream-inspired alcoholic beverages.

The fairly young crowd bounced to the selections of Code Red, which started off with a high energy set but soon played too randomly to really capture the right vibe. Kaotic soon picked up a vibe with a number of Vybz Kartel songs such as Completely and Gogo Club. Merital's My Money (Ha Ha) got a huge forward as the hands went in the air. DJs Sanjay and Small Voice from Coppershot soon took over getting back the high energy vibe with a slew of new hip hop tracks before moving into dancehall.

A few lucky men had a handful as the scantily-clad 'Ultimate Pleasures' girls got into the groove taking pictures and gyrating. Songs like Bubble Like Soup and Ding Dong's Holiday were crowd favourites as the now packed venue danced the night away. Chrome and Coppershot's DJ Cutty finished off the night with another daggerin' segment that got the blood pumping.

For a new event, the second edition of French Kiss (the first was in February) held its own on a night that had other popular events such as Wet and Stir It Up.

SOURCE: The Star


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