Dec 6, 2009

Mavado & Vybz Kartel To Sign Peace Treaty in Half Way Tree

Following statement issued earlier this last week by Mavado’s management team, with regard to a possible meeting and peace march with Vybz Kartel, and possibly an end also to the ongoing Gully/Gaza feud.

“After previously extending an invitation to Vybz Kartel to attend Mavado’s Birthday Bash, that he declined, we are glad to see that he has now seen the light and recognises the need for a show of unity at this time, albeit when the realisation has now dawned that it seems the artists will not be allowed to perform in Jamaica until this issue is resolved. This was exactly what we were trying to pre-empt with our invitation to Vybz Kartel to attend the party.

Mavado and I recently met with Bishop Herro Blair in which we put forth the idea of a peace march headed by Mavado and Vybz Kartel from Cassava Piece/Big Yard right to Half Way Tree or to Stadium where both could perhaps give a unification performance on stage together. This message of peace would be compounded by a “paint-out day,” ridding communities of the Gully/Gaza graffiti that now decorates many a wall and zinc fence, with the artists also taking part. We also think a tangible message of peace could come in the form of a peace record. We put this latter proposition to Minister Babsy Grange who took the idea one step further, suggesting that Artists who have feuded over the decades could take part in this record – Bounty/Beenie, Ninja/Shabba, Stitchie/San etc which we accord is an excellent idea.

In light of recent events and with the intervention at the very highest levels of the security forces and the Government, Mavado and I have been summoned to a meeting early next week. We are not permitted to say at this time with whom we are meeting but we believe that Vybz Kartel will also be in attendance. We are heartened that Vybz Kartel is now prepared to move forward with a positive intent and we expect a plan of action to be formulated at this meeting.”



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