Dec 4, 2009

X-Mas Cookout - ‘Food, Flex and Peppa Lights Part 2’

After a successful entry into the events calendar last year (2008), Christmas Cookout returns this year with a second staging on Sunday, December 13.

Under the theme ‘Food, Flex and Peppa Lights Part 2’, the promoters of X-Mas Cookout (Jade:Beatz Promotions), who are also responsible for the May Daze party series held every Friday in May, have stated they will ensure that the event is a memorable experience for patrons.

Patrons have come to love the event so much, that they refer to the day of the event as “National Hungry Belly Day”, promoters told Splash, “It has taken on a life of its own and the patrons themselves have embraced the event as their own,” says one-half of Jade:Beatz promotions, Dwayne Harris. “This year’s event, unlike last year’s, will feature multiple food stations that will offer the very best in local dishes ranging from jerk chicken, roast fish, jerk pork, pasta, hot dogs, burgers, tasty soups and a whole lot more... Jamaican style, of course,” he added.

Patrons are being encouraged to come out next Sunday evening to chill out, relax and link up with good friends to ‘jus hold a vibe’. “Comfortable shoes are a must and ‘not-so-tight’ clothes will be important” says the other promoter, Stephen Willie. “And if you are worried about putting on a few extra pounds… don’t be, as the music will be supplied by some of the industry’s best, to provide the perfect workout plan to burn those calories,” Willie assured.

The venue, at 38 Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston, will be decorated to give that authentic home feel, with pepper lights and other decorations that Jamaicans are accustomed to, during this festive season. “The concept is an adult backyard barbecue, so giving the venue that casual, homey feel is very important to the branding of what the cookout really is,” Willie says.

The food-inclusive concept is nothing new to Jamaica, however Jade:Beatz promotions have guaranteed that X-Mas Cookout will be a standout event. All the dishes will be Jamaican and finger-licking good, and to add value to the event Pepsi has signed on to provide discounts on pre-sold tickets; all Cookout patrons have to do is bring in a Pepsi label to the outlets and take advantage of these discounts.

Adding a bit more to the party element of the event, Lascelles’ top-shelf brands, JB Rum and Campari, have guaranteed a night of tasteful drink mixes Cookout patrons won’t readily forget.



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