Mar 9, 2010

Aidonia, New Single “Jehova” Is It Off His Upcoming Album?

Initially, much of Aidonia’s lyricism was girl and gun-centric, but this last year he directed his focus towards a more international audience, catching our ear and keeping it obsessively focused on any YouTube leaks or riddim drops we could sweep up. Starting the new year with more then a few gripping tracks, he’s pushed the process into double speed with the release of “Jehova,” produced by Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor and causing a stir on both Jamaican airwaves and blogs before the day turned over.

Straying from his usual harder style, “Jehova” elevates the mood with a hopeful message while also breaking the mold by utilizing a church choir. With another nine months left in the year, we’re hoping that his stockpile of “line-jumping” jams will materialize into that double disk he promised.

Download: Aidonia, “Jehova” (via Di Genius)

In the world of shoulder-mounted firearms, the term “bolt action” refers to the process in which the shooter must cock back the firing pin after each shot, clearing the barrel of an empty shell casing. AK-47s, like the one pictured on the cover of Aidonia’s Bolt Action mixtape, fire hurried and abundantly by design and, unless manually altered, are unburdened with the task.

In fact, the only purpose such an arbitrary modification would serve would be to slow down the firing process and increase single-shot accuracy. Prone to reckless abandon in his career’s early days, the man who calls himself “JA’s most wanted” now aims with tact and precision.



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