Mar 9, 2010

Daseca “Genesis” Riddim Premiered on NYC's HOT 97

Lots of talk generating over this new Daseca “Genesis” riddim that premiered last night on Bobby Konders and Jabba’s Sunday night show on NYC’s Hot 97. A few questions as to why “Genesis” was being premiered on the American station and not local ZIP FM were raised, but intention slowly revealed itself as more rumors circulated that the riddim wouldn’t be, per usual, free.

Most know that in dancehall, generating income from record sales is an uphill battle mostly due to the exorbitant amount of leakage. One of the most ill-fated examples being Serani’s album that dropped last November, almost an entire year after “No Games” “Dying” and “Doh” were bombarding NY’s air waves and Serato systems. Since most of Serani’s jams were slipped to us before the “No Games” full disc was mastered, album’s sales for the first week hit a meager 1,121 copies.

With “Genesis”, it appears that dancehall may be trying to reclaim some of that revenue. Riddims have long been freely passed around by every internet herb with basic file sharing skills (me included), but with a marketing scheme like this one and some additional regulation, artists might actually start earning their keep. Particularly if the promotion goes global, which is what the “Genesis” project was aiming for. Still, can “Genesis” maintain that buzz?

While producing strong drops from Charly Black, Aidonia, and Mavado, it still might not be enough to carry the international platform and facilitate a reclamation of the digital riddim.



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