Mar 10, 2010

Flippa Mafia Gets Ready To Release New Album

With his characteristic swagga and popping his celebratory champagne on stage at the James Bond Beach last Saturday night, deejay Flippa Mafia energised the crowd at hype stage show, Folow Di Arrow. The artiste, casually elegant in fitted jacket sported a clean, tailored look and was clearly one of the night’s favourites. His hearty reception by the crowd told a story of its own.

Always managing to look happy on stage and easily transmitting those vibes to his fans, Flippa Mafia, the Flossing King, easily rolled through his hit tunes and had the patrons doing a sing-along. Old songs like Dem Yah And Dem Yah, and Unfinished House were among the favourtites and he mixed in the newer songs like Foundation Over Hype, which was equally known. Known for his money-thowing gimmicks, Flippa this time, didn’t throw any cash in the crowd.

In retrospect, Flippa said he was almost bowled over by the crowd reaction when his name was announced. “When mi hear the people them shout, me say ‘what … a my crowd this’ and it just gave me a thrill and an even greater vibe to perform,” he said.

Flippa says he is currently in the island doing some work on his soon-to-be-released album, which he confesses, is long overdue.

“Last year was good as it set the right foundation and got me out there to new territories, but now it’s time to focus on getting the album out,” he said, explaining that it will be a versatile mix that he is sure his fans will appreciate.


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