Mar 10, 2010

When Will Pure || Plush Re-Open ?

Pure Plush lounge/nightclub is uncertain whether its doors will be re-opened to the public in the immediate future.

Since the closing of the lounge/nightclub's doors closed it doors last month due to electrical problems. The lounge/nightclub has again fallen victim to rumours again this time it has to do with whether it will once again be operational.

When the The Star contacted, a director of the club, who wished to be unnamed, says that despite rumours, the club has not been officially closed.

He said, "we've had to re-wire the club and we're still doing that now, we're evaluating our options in terms of re-wiring. As soon as we figure that out, we'll decide what's going to happen. But it's definitely not closed for good, it could be, but we haven't made that decision final yet."

As for the plans for the future of the club, he stated, "I think right now we're evaluating the situation. We still have to get some information back from the electrician and Jamaica Public Service. They want to change some of the wiring, the electrician has to move the meter and all kinds of things, we need to know what that situation is first before we can make that decision."

According to the director, since Pure: Plush has been closed they have had to turn down approximately 15 bookings from party promoters who have wanted to use the club.

Pure: Plush, which is located on Trinidad Terrace in New Kingston, was officially established by owner Kimani Robinson in February of 2009. Pure is the all white lounge located downstairs the two-storey building and Plush the nightclub which operates upstairs.

SOURCE: The Jamaica Star

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