May 11, 2010

Beenie Man, Mr Vegas and Others Speak Out Against The Shooting Of O'Neil Edwards of Voicemail

Yesterday marked a change in Dancehall music as entertainers and well-wishers gathered outside the Nelson Mandela Park in Half-Way-Tree and prayed for the O'Neil Edwards of Voicemail. Edwards, was shot multiple times as he entered his Belloc Avenue home in Duhaney Park, Kingston at approximately 1:00 yesterday morning.

Those in attendance included Mr Vegas, Stacious, Tami Chin, RDX, and many more, on lookers express disappointment at the absence of Alliance, and Gaza members.

Many openly condemned the shooting.

"The incident was not called for, and I definitely disrespect anyone who feel that they should shoot an artiste for no reason," said dancehall entertainer Beenie Man, whose correct name is Moses Davis.
"If it is a robbery, all you have to do is show us a gun because whatever it is we can get it back. You never had to shoot the man," he added.

Singers Tami Chynn and Alaine said they were hopeful Edwards would recover.

"It's just very sad. I can't believe that this has happened. Oneil is one of the nicest and most positive people you will ever meet on any given day and we are really praying for him and his family that he will pull through," Chin said.

"Oneil is my friend, a wonderful person, who I love and it broke my heart when I got the news. But I am a believer in the power of God and His power is working; Oneil is going to be healed," Alaine added.

Entertainer Mr Vegas offered: "It's something that touches everybody because it's the whole Voicemail crew, not only Oneil. We come out here this morning to keep this prayer meeting because only God answers prayer, and the only thing we can do right now is pray."

According to Delamar and Renegade, members of the dancehall duo RDX, Edwards' shooting should serve as a wake-up call for all entertainers. "This could happen to anyone of us and it goes to show that it shouldn't take things like this for artistes to unite," said Renegade. "Entertainers are 'bad-minding' each other and feel it is a joke thing, not knowing that there are elements working against us artistes."

Sound system selector Foota Hype said Edwards "is a vibrant supporter of dancehall".

"Wherever I'm playing he is always there and it is really sad to hear this. But I know he will pull through; he is a good person with a good heart."

Recording artiste Tifa added: "He is not in violence, he is always encouraging artistes, lending a helping hand, so it's just sad. But the prayers don't stop here for him."

"We are sick and tired of the violence in the society, the artistes have decided to send a message, everyone will be wearing white. Our society is collapsing around us, we have to do something," Stacious told

In the meantime, a chain message asking Jamaicans to pray for Oneil Edwards made its way around Facebook and via Blackberry messenger this morning.

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  1. I am so happy other artists come together, to support Oneil because he did really need it. the incident that happened to Oneil could have happen to any artist. I dont understand what's going on with jamaicans, why are they so badmind, just taking innocent people lives. And to whoever that took Oneil life, just remember God is not sleeping, he see's everything, and your time is coming soon, because God dont like ugly. And to Oneil baby, may your soul rest in peace, I love You