May 11, 2010

Official Statement: Stacious Will Not Clash With Lisa Hyper

Rumours have surfaced that Stacious is really scared of Lisa Hype by she was a no show last week. In response DocMac Entertainment, the management team of Stacious, has issued a statement explaining that the artiste was a no-show the event at Tropical Beach over the weekend because of contractual violations made by the promoter who advertised a clash between Stacious and Lisa Hyper.

Representatives of DocMac Entertainment explained that, "the contract specifically states that there will be no clash between Stacious or any other artiste but we realized that the promoter had a poster advertising a clash and there were ads doing the same in Montego Bay. We called the promoters and told them to desist and to issue a press release that there would be no clash, but they did not comply,"

"We are disappointed that the promoter went onstage and told the audience that Stacious had been paid and had not bothered to turn up. This is particularly upsetting because we did not choose to go the press before the event. But now, we have to clear Stacious' name, and let the public know that we had received a non-refundable deposit, but the promoter violated the terms of the contract, that's why she did not turn up," the representative said .

Stacious recently released a statement in December 2009 saying that she will no longer make diss tracks towards Lisa Hype:

This song will be the first and only time that I will address the Lisa Hype issue. I absolutely refuse to engage in a senseless back and forth war of words, which on her part consists of lies and lackluster insults.

Especially when her 'daddy' and my friend have decided to prove to the world the great men they are and bury the hatchet. I have many songs that I poured my heart into, which displays my lyrical prowess. I will now turn my attention to promoting songs such as, 'Fight Back' produced by Don Corleon and a number of other great tracks of which includes a collabo with Mavado, produced by Stephen McGregor. 

As I gear up for a hectic schedule throughout this season, my fans can expect only the best from Stacious. I have invested years in this and live and love good music, it's just a pity that the media prefers to hype controversy over real authentic music. My real fans that believe in me won't be disappointed, this whole drama is just a mere stepping stone for the greater elevation and success that is yet to come, so keep listening because good music will continue to flow.

Stacious scored her first ever number one for a combination song when Mavado’s ‘Come into My Room’ on which she is a featured singer .

 The artist express her happiness in a recent interview on; 
"I’m very happy and thankful that people have been loving the song so much. It has been in rotation on mainstream radio all over the world, so it is definitely an overwhelming feeling. I just have to say big up Stephen Di Genius and of course the Gully Squad for making this great song. Nuf love to the fans who are supporting it,” – Stacious

Plans are also far advanced to shoot a video for the song with Mavado.


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