May 13, 2010

Dancehall Artist Denouncing Gangster Lyrics

The recent attack on Oneil Edwards, member of the Dancehall GroupVoicemail, has somehow put in perspective the effects of Jamaica’s crime problem on the local music Industry.  No longer is the situation an inner city issue but a nation’s problem.

 A recent release from Alliance, suggested that Ace Dancehall artisteDavid ‘Mavado’ Brooks has been releasing more ‘fun music’ as oppose to gangster related songs the release stated that, “his musical outputthese days has been geared towards up-liftment.”  So has Adijah ‘VybzKartel’ Palmer music it seems, as his current hit, a commercial track entitled “Clarks” which generated a surge in sales and hiked prices atthe local shoes stores are obvious signs of a growing trend.  VybzKartel’s song which feature his gaza protégés Popcaan and Gaza Slim quickly shot to the top spot on BBC 1Xtra radio charts in London recently.

 But there are some artistes who are late starters and have not recognized that the trend in releasing gangster type songs is fading neatly and the return of the “old skool” ethics which is simply towrite good music has come back.  Alas! Creating rivals to gain sudden recognition in the industry might just be seeing the end of thetunnel.  The young, upcoming and popular artistes can once again relaxand focus on penning fun and/or positive lyrics. 

 After all, theartistes whom allegedly started it all are still ahead of their game after switching mode to ‘acceptable’ music months ago so those whostill have their heads in the sand “shape up or ship out” of the industry.

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