May 24, 2010

Passa Passa Cancelled Due To Military Siege in Tivoli Gardens

Passa Passa is a weekly street party which normally occurs on Wednesday was cancelled due the current military operation in  West Kingston.  Passa Passa is a weekly street dance that  begun on Ash Wednesday in 2003, with the name being coined by Carl Shelley. Passa Passa usually gets started around 1am and has been known to continue straight through until 8am.
Artists, selectors, and dancers who usually attend and have done a great deal to build the dance for what it is to day include: Bogle, Ding Dong, Marvin, Black BlingazTimeless Crew,Shelly Belly, Spikes, John HypeSample 6Sherika FutureJermaine SquadSadiki, Swatch, Maestro, Beenie Man and Future Girls.
The military operation has claimed at least four people have been killed, including two policemen, one soldier and a civilian, and several others were wounded in two days of violence. The Jamaica Defence Force soldier was shot and killed while attempting to storm the community of Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston this afternoon.

He was among four soldiers who were rushed to hospital, after they were shot by gunmen in the community. 

Police said in a release that a total of seven members of the security forces have been injured.

According to one of the soldiers — who was hit in his right arm and leg — another of his colleagues is now battling for life, while the other is in stable condition.
“I guess I am the luckiest of all of them,” said the soldier, who with bandages on his injuries, watched a television newscast inside the hospital’s waiting room.
Asked approximately how many persons have lost their lives in the now hostile community, the soldier responded: “I can’t say; we could not see them from where I was.”
He said gunmen have taken up cover in several buildings inside the area, and are firing at the security forces from all angles.
“I got shot on Industrial Terrace; the second shot I got at the entrance to the Tivoli Gardens High school, and the other I got further up the road,” said the officer, pointing to his leg and arm respectively.

U.S special forces off the coast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti will provide back-up to Jamaican security forces if they are overwhelmed by the firepower of local thugs.

Downtown Kingston waterfront being watched by soldiers as speedboats are being seen and there is fear of a water attack. 

JDF and JCF personnel have entered Tivoli Gardens.

The Minster of National Ministry has denied ordering security forces to shoot on sight any persons carrying out illegal activities. 

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