May 24, 2010

Jamaica Under Seige , LIVE NEWS FEED

Here are the latest developments via @onthegroundjm

Reports of Dudus’ brother ‘Livity’ being killed are NOT TRUE.

Read copy of the Dudus indictment HERE
Health Ministry activates emergency operations centre. Full story HERE.

 Dudus’ second brother ‘Livity’ reportedly shot and killed.

Overseas Examination Commission says all examinations scheduled to be held tomorrow are on (GCE, CXC).

CVM: Dudus’ lawyer, Don Foote admits that meeting with US Embassy was in fact cancelled.

CVM: KPH doctor confirms gunshots are being fired around the hospital.

Aerial assault launched in efforts to re-gain control of West Kingston. Denham Town Basic School on fire.

NATIONWIDE: Coronation Market on fire.

Gunmen are on KPH premises but a takeover is still unconfirmed.

US Military plane C17 assissting JDF/JCF in the war in West Kingston.

Bodies are reportedly piling up in the streets of TG.

Gunmen have threatened to attack and burn TVJ and RJR buildings.

3 soldiers shot and 1 killed since the police and army entered TG this afternoon.

Confirmation of the breakdown in talks with Dudus’ Lawyers and US officials. For full story click HERE.

Residents from Tivoli Gardens are running from the community. This includes Men, Women and Children.

Footballer Denroy Gordon aka ‘Biter’ killed in Tivoli Gardens.

Police advising media and civilians to stay away away from West Kingston.

Security Forces have control of strategic points within Tivoli Gardens. 

US Embassy will be open tomorrow Tuesday in Jamaica, but with limited services, says PJ Crowley State Dept. spokesman.

RJR: Conflicting reports on meeting between Dudus’ lawyers and US Embassy. 

Embassy Public Relations Officer denies knowledge of meeting on radio.

Irie FM: 15 Tivoli Gardens residents are dead

U.S special forces off the coast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti will provide back-up to Jamaican security forces if they are overwhelmed by the firepower of local thugs.

Downtown Kingston waterfront being watched by soldiers as speedboats are being seen and there is fear of a water attack. 

JDF and JCF personnel have entered Tivoli Gardens.

RJR News claims there was no meeting to discuss negotiations for ‘Dudus’.

JDF soldiers are useing a bulldozer and trucks to clear blockages erected at various points on the busy thoroughfare of Red Hills Road.

National Ministry official says security forces ordered to shoot on sight any persons carrying out illegal activities. 

RJR News: There’s going to be an offensive to restore order in Tivoli Gardens.

Labour Day concert scheduled for Emancipation Park this evening is cancelled.

Jones Town source reports hearing gunfire and loud explosions similar to bombs non-stop coming from Tivoli Gardens/Denham Town.

“Operations to restore order has commenced,” says Mark Shields former Deputy Commissioner of police.
Photo of the shop that was looted on Molynes Road. 

The suspect has since been arrested.
Air Jamaica Travel Advisory: Effective for travel May 24, 2010:

- Passengers booked to travel to/from Kingston only who are affected by the present unrest may be reaccommodated at no additional cost within three days of their original date of travel.

- Such passengers who are able to make their way to Montego Bay may be accommodated into/out of this station without change fee or adcol.
The intersection of East Queen street and South Camp Road [Humming Bird Corridor just after the NMIA airport] is officially blocked off by security personnel.

Army has set up blockade at South Camp Road.

Heavy gunfire on East Queen Street and Duke Street.

Central Kingston police station under attack from heavily armed thugs.

15 military vehicles and buses have left Up Park Camp (Military base) headed towards Downtown Kingston

Students living in Portmore who are sitting exams are ask to go to either Waterford, Bridgeport or Ascot High.

Reinforced presence at Up-Park Camp and a JDF helicopter hovers over a section of Tivoli Gardens.

Heavy and sustained gunfire in the Tel Aviv area. A JDF soldier has been injured along East King Street his colleagues are struggling to evacuate him for medical assistance.

Photo of blockade on Mannings Hill Road

Sustained gunfire along Marcus Garvey Drive.
All roads off Red Hills Road, between Pricesmart and Valentine Road, are blocked. Heavy police presence.

RJR: Police coming under heavy gunfire in the vicinity of Flat Bridge.

The train line near Job’s Lane, Spanish Town, coming toward Angels Estates is blocked with the actual train line bars.

Barricades erected in the vicinity of Park Lane and the Emmanuel Gospel Assembly as well as Karl Samuda Avenue along Red Hills Road are being reinforced.

Knutsford Express has cancelled services to Kingston until further notice.

Police were attacked in the Greendale area earlier this morning, they sought refuge at the Spanish Town Hospital.

Grocery Shop beside Pete’s Restaurant on Molynes Road, St. Andrew completely looted.

Unconfirmed: Widespread looting in the Downtown Kingston area

Excelsior, Exced exams moved read about it HERE
Flatbridge was temporarily blocked with debris.

Most businesses in Spanish Town are closed.

The Norman Manley International Airport is operational and in fact flights are arriving and departing on schedule.

Mr. Coke himself, his Lawyers and U.S law enforcement personnel will meet with senior U.S officials between 10am and 11am this morning to finalize plans for Coke’s immediate extradition to the United States

. The removal of barricades later today will be an immediate indication of the success of those talks.

Police came under attack from gunmen while trying to clear roadblock in the 100 Lane area off Red Hills Road.

Jamaica’s Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington is advising members of the Police Force to take swift and decisive action to protect themselves in the face of orchestrated attacks on police personnel and facilities.

The administration at the Norman Manley Law School has announced that the examination scheduled for today has been postponed until further notice.

Cross Roads area in front of Carib blocked by Police. Gunmen and Police had engaged in shootout in front of the Post Office.

Restaurant near Air Jamaica building on Harbour Street looted. Shutters torn off and items removed.

Unconfirmed but corroborated: Downtown Kingston shops and businesses attacked & looted. Owners and security companies complaining that JDF/JCF presence in the area insufficient.

Heavy sporadic gunfire in Havendale area.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated as the stories develop.

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