May 10, 2010

Tanya Stephens Release FREE New Album Infallible

One of our favorite dancehall artists male or female is Vivienne Stephenson, more popularly known as Tanya Stephens, and today we became even bigger fans. Tanya announced the release of her latest album today, and in an unprecedented move, she mad the album titled “Infallible” free to download. Yes, you got that right ‘FREE TO DOWNLOAD’.

There was no lead up, no promotion or advertisements, just a simple statement from the artist, “Infallible by Tanya Stephens! Feel free to forward the link to as many people as you wish. The album is completely free of cost. Enjoy!!“.

Andrew Henton of Tarantula Records, which is Tanya’s own record label, stated that Tanya wanted to do something special for her fans given the on recession and the current state global economy. He also stated that Tanya believes she is that when she grants album distribution permission to a major label (such as VP Records), she is technically giving it away for free, so why not just give it directly to her fans. We hope more artists decide to take this route with their music especially artists struggling to find beneficial distribution deals.

Get your copy of Tanya Stephens’ “Infallible” album; download it here.


1 comment:

  1. this is an amazing album and tanya is an amazing artist. i have been a fan of hers for a long time and she is the only artist who cares more about her fans and the message of her music than the money. big up to the number one artist with a number two pencil.