May 10, 2010

Lisa Hype Accuses Spice of "Bowing" on Indu Gaza

Female deejay Lisa Hype almost got into a fistfight with fellow deejay Spice at the Caribbean Resorts hotel in Negril over the weekend. Both artistes are part of the Bad Gyal tour featuring several female artistes such as Tellah, Jane Gotti, Pamputtae, Ikaya and others.

"I was in my room sleeping when I heard this big laugh outside but mi know Spice voice so mi realize say it was her. My friend wanted to go draw weh the curtain fi see who outside but I told her no, let me. So when I went outside, dem start laugh, so mi start laugh too. Then Pamputtae say 'she crawny eh?" and Spice said something but mi could not hear what. But mi just respond same time: like yu madda, yu father, yu whole generation," Lisa Hype said.

"Then mi move on to Pamputtae and say 'big fat double dosage, send her out!'. Spice get up and start trace now, say mi a porn star and how mi de wid the crawniest man inna the business. Same time her man walk out and mi say 'why yu nuh tell him how yu bow pon Indu, and anything Addi do me, him do you too', why yu nuh talk bout that?" Lisa Hype said, laughing.

"Spice get mad now, and start loud up her mouth say mi fi come downstairs and dem a hold on pon me and ah hold on pon har. Then Pamputtae said something, and mi just go inna the hotel room fi a glass bottle and say 'look how yu big and stink, yu tink me a go war yu, ah one slap inna yu face wid a bakkle'. Then she get vex and start repeat wah mi a say inna her coarse voice "how this gyal say she ah slap mi inna my face wid bakkle?'. Mi just start laugh. Skkyy even style her wicked and say Pamputtae look like an apartment, mi nasty dem up."

Source: one876entertainment


  1. lisa hype a clown out herself, a betta she jus humble and shut up bcuz she jus mek herself look like a big fool

  2. COREYCRAZY29October 22, 2012