May 24, 2010

Who is Dudus and Presidential Click

The police yesterday released their profile of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, who is wanted in the United States to answer to drug and gun charges.
The profile came as the security forces issued an appeal for Coke to surrender.
The Gleaner reproduces the profile as released by the police.
Name: Michael Christopher Coke, otherwise called 'Dudus'
Alias: Omar Clark
Date of birth: 13/03/1969
Address: 33 Asquith Drive, Plantation Heights, Red Hills, St Andrew
Originally from Albert Street
Telephone: (876) 847-4573
School: Ardenne High
Mother: Patricia Halliburton
Address: Building 25, Seaga Boulevard
Girlfriend: Stephanie Gayle
Address: 33 Asquith Drive, Plantation Heights, Red Hills, St Andrew
(Born, grew up in Tivoli Gardens)
Vehicles: 1994 Blue Nissan Bluebird
2000 Silver Honda CR-V
Brothers: Omar Coke, Everton Jones, otherwise called 'Corn Pipe',
Andrew Coke, otherwise called 'Liviti'
Businesses: Incomparable Enterprise Limited
Address: 59 Spanish Town Road, Kingston
Type: Construction
Directors: Michael Christopher Coke, otherwise called 'Dudus',
Justin Ogilvie, Everton Russell
Trading company: Presidential Click - Entertainment Promotions
Passport expired: Passport will be obtained by the National Intelligence Bureau.
Driver's licence: He has no driver's licence. He said he had one in the name Omar Clark, but it was confiscated (he could not remember the date). His explanation for not having a driver's licence is that if he is stopped on the road by police and they see the name, he may be harassed

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