Aug 21, 2006

"Bullet Bullet Connect" Champions in Action

As the rain fell thicker and harder at the Jam World Centre, Portmore, Jamaica in the dawning of Sunday morning the massive sea of people moved not towards the exit but to the hardcore lyrics of the closing deejays. First up was Vybes Kartel the Portmore unofficial Mayor, with his witty and mature adult lyrics he work the audience into a in a frenzy before demanding "weh mi faada deh?" up came Bounty Killer, dressed in black and accessories blinging, as he deejayed "real McKoy, pop off ice-pick inna bway" to thunderous roar of the tens of thousand in attendance. When he asked "do you see what you want to see whan you look at me?" there was another roar, then after a further lyric from Kartel there was again pandemonium as Sizzla rasped "no no way". After Bounty Killer advised "shut de f...k up" Sizzla chanted "Jam World, we no nyam girl" and the venue again erupted. Wayne Marshall joined the frenzy with his street hit "Forgot Them" , Aidonia chipped in. When Bounty Killer intoned "bullet" it was to a chorus of accompaniments, he folded arms and did the 'Presi Bounce' to the audience's extreme delight, and eventually Sizzla was left alone to continue, demanding "whe yu a do, run leff me bo..t?" as the band attempted to pack up. "Don't disrespect de nation. Play dat yute," he said. As MC Nuffy said "Let me hear you say Moses" there was a streak of lightning far away to the left of the stage and Beenie Man stepped on stage in full white, long coat flowing and smiling to rip the house with Me Come Again. He was not alone for long, as Mongo Honorebel touched "dem bway deh no bad like I" before Capleton charged out with Top A Tings and again the audience erupted. There was more to come in the closing shower of deejays, as Ninja Man high stepped out to "I am the real Ninja Man" and declared himself "Mr. F....y F....y". "Yu know whe me name?" Capleton demanded and replied with 'Prophet' before Beenie Man declared himself the "girls dem sugar". Sizzla returned briefly and the closing exchanges continued, Capleton doing Tun' Up as the rain started to fall in earnest. The people started to move in numbers, although there were enough to give a good response when Beenie Man asked "whe me real fans deh?" At 6:30 a.m., though, it was definitely time to go and Beenie Man closed with 'Heart Attack'. Ruff Kut did most of the night's musical accompaniment and Razz and Biggy kept the audience moving with hip-hop during the final band change.

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