Sep 19, 2006

Outrage the ultimate hat and shorts party Too Hot To Miss

The Vibes are crazy on the UWI Mona Campus as Outrage the ultimate hat and shorts party is now just days away. The anticipation of the "short shorts" party is now reaching fever pitch. With support coming from title sponsors Bmobile and Smirnoff Ice, associate sponsors RE TV, Hype TV, Zip FM, Coca Cola, and WATA, the buzz has now spread as far as NCU, Shortwood, and UTECH; with people expecting to enjoy earcandy provided by Renaissance, Code RED, Kurt "party animal" Riley, Razz and Biggie and GCT hot off their summer tour. "We have an excellent party" says Midgets, CEAC of Taylor Hall, promoters of the party. There will be three sizzling dance floors, Smirnoff Ice and vodka mixes will flow freely from 9-11 pm (must be 18 and over to drink), V.I.P Celebrity Booth with guest artistes, "This is being done for the ladies" . Taylor Hall want Outrage to be the ultimate entertainment experience for all the fans. Admission is $600(with college ID), $700( without) and $1500 (VIP drinks inclusive) Outrage is a Xtraz V.I.P endorse event

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