Sep 19, 2006

Rihanna Flop Big Time In Honolulu

Rihanna received some bad reviews after a recent performance in Honolulu. The 18-year-old continues to tour in support of her sophomore album, "A Girl Like Me", released in April. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin said that the sound was out of whack with her recorded background vocals over-powering her. It was also critical of her overall performance and general entertaining manners. It wrote: "For an artist who has toured relentlessly the past 12 months, Rihanna's overall performance had a lot more flaws than would be expected. There were too many silent pauses between songs -- a definite vibe-killer during any concert, no matter who the artist is. Sound problems that plagued her newest material didn't help, either. And why end the 40-minute set with a cover tune? Maybe if she recruited a local artist to join her on stage and play acoustic guitar, then it would have been a cool way to go out before the encore. But singing to an instrumental track? That's karaoke!. It's too bad she had to leave immediately after the concert for a performance at the L.A. County Fair yesterday. Method Man, her labelmate at Def Jam, was scheduled to follow at Pipeline last night and would have undoubtedly taught her a few lessons on the finer points of entertaining a crowd." Rhianna delivered an identical performance in Trinidad a few weeks ago alongside Grammy winner John Legend. Source:islandevents

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