Sep 19, 2006

TOK fed up with Beenie Man

TOK fed up with Beenie Man because of his failure to show up for 'Bounce', a stage show that was put on by TOK last month. According to the members of TOK, they had reached a verbal agreement with Beenie Man and Shocking Vibes. Group member Flexx said. "Well basically a di second time dis a happen. Wi put on Harbour Splash, bout 2003 in Old Harbour and he (Beenie Man) was suppose to come on the show an him never come an during the show a lot of people were upset because him never show. So this year when we were doing 'Bounce' (held on Emancipation Day at Sugar Man's Beach) an mi suggest fi link back Beenie, the other members never too sure bout dat, but mi talk to him (Beenie) an him seh him wi do it. Couple days before di show wi si him pon a flight an wi ask him again if him a do di show an him assure wi seh him was going to come an even afta wi did link him, Shocking Vibes call wi an seh if Beenie do di show then we would have to do Summer Sizzle," "Basically wi upset bout it, an him need fi get professional bout him ting, a lot of artistes are like that, dem agree fi do a ting, whether, verbal or contractual an then dem don't show up. At the end of the day mi nuh feel seh wi a guh ever ask Beenie fi do anything again or have any business relationship wid him in dat sense. Him never even have the decency fi call or mek somebody from Shocking Vibes call an seh it nah guh happen again or anything, an that jus show disrespect. We see that as being very disrespectful, worst like how wi know seh we would never do that to him or anybody else in the business. Since den wi nuh si him." However, Alex says the show will be held next year, bigger and better, without Beenie Man. "Is a yearly event weh wi waan keep, cause Portmore a wi place an wi waan keep a nice party vibe an bring in wi friends and fans. Beenie Man was a disappointment especially to the fans weh pay dem money come in. Respec is a helleva ting an if you a guh deal wid me in a way weh mi nuh really appreciate, then mi nah guh deal wid yuh. At the end of the day him dis di programme, but show caan stop because a one man," Alex said. Craig T was, however, in no mood to speak on the matter as he says, "mi nuh have no comment bout Moses an him fuy." Meantime in his defense, Beenie said he failed to make his appointment because of problems beyond his control.

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