Sep 4, 2007

Danielle Lloyd sues The Daily Mirror For Reporting She Had Sex With 50 Cent

British model Danielle Lloyd has filed a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Mirror for claiming that she had sex with 50 Cent.

The Press Gazette reports that Lloyd claims that The Daily Mirror published a story on their newspaper and website on July 11th headed “Fiddy’s No Diddy” which reported that she sexually propositioned herself to 50 Cent thus leading to end of the relationship with her boyfriend Marcus Bent.

Lloyd also claims that despite her publicity agent Ray Levine stressing to a writer for The Mirror that she had no sexual involvement with 50 Cent; the newspaper still published the story and didn’t add Levine’s response.

Lloyd also alleges that The Mirror’s report spawned two stories on two unnamed websites with titles that read: “Danielle Lloyd's steamy sex session with 50 Cent” and “Marcus Bent No Longer Bangs This Chick.”

Lloyd claims that the stories have damaged her professional and personal reputations, and that she has suffered distress and embarrassment. She is also seeking an injunction to ban The Mirror from repeatedly publishing the claims.

Lloyd was stripped of her Miss Great Britain 2006 title after posing for nude pictures for Playboy Magazine in the same year. She also lost a contract with Rocawaer earlier this year for hurling racial insults at Indian actress Shilpa Shetty during the shooting of Celebrity Big Brother.

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