Sep 27, 2007

Jamaica’s FIRST Dancehall Best Seller, ‘Bun Him!!!’ By Macka Diamond,

"This book is not about glorifying bun, but it is just showing the facts that can happen in certain situations." said Macka Diamond at the launch of the novel Monday night at Weekendz. Macka Diamond's book Bun Him!!! embraces the same name as her chart-topping dancehall tune. But the female deejay is quick to point out that the novel is not promoting sexual infidelity.

"When I am on stage and performing I am a different person and get into character, but this is different and very dear to me," she stated before thanking her publishing company, Page-Turner, which, she said, sent her back to the drawing board on many occasions to ensure that the book was of top-notch calibre.

Bun Him!!!, described as Jamaica's first dancehall novel, examines the pitfalls of infidelity, much like the recording, by Macka Diamond and male deejay Blacker, which utilises humour and street jargon to get the message across. The colloquial use of the word 'Bun' refers to the act of cheating on one's sexual partner.

A host of entertainment personalities attended the book launch on Monday night. Among them, Elephant Man, Nitty Kutchie, D’Angel, Voicemail, Gyptian, Denise Hunt, Richie Stephens, Captain Barkey, Lady G, Evraldo Creary (actor) and Queen Paula, to name a few.

"I am just here to support a fellow female artiste," said deejay D'Angel with a sly smile.

Deejay Captain Barkey stated, "Mi nah say bun fi gi, but Macka, di book good." Queen Paula then asked of Barkey: "Why when unuh (men) give bun is nothing, but when we (women) do it is a problem?" Barkey did not answer, but the laughter among the guests spoke volumes.

The launch was concluded with Macka Diamond signing copies of her book for many fans, after which guests enjoyed themselves at an after-party. The book can be purchased at all Sangster’s Book Stores across Jamaica, and can be purchased online at, or interested fans can log on to, or contact them at 1 876 342 3918, for purchases and book tour updates.



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