Oct 3, 2007

Beenie Man is Sorry

Beenie Man's PR team, says the artiste is offering his humble public apology to the members of the St. Andrew Parish Church, the Christian fraternity, and relatives of deceased whose remains are entered in the church's cemetery.

The entertainer says he's emphatically sorry about the misunderstanding that has arisen and wants the Christian fraternity who are incensed about the videotaping to know that he would never knowingly do anything to offend the Christian or no other doctrine.

Mr. Davis says he along with the video crew takes full responsibility for their actions and regrets that they hadn't gotten the necessary permission and even after agreeing to pull all the video clips after an injunction was taken out to stop it bring shown.

Unfortunately, after the injunction was filed on Friday (September 28), a late miscommunication between the hosts of the popular entertainment programme ER aired on TVJ and Beenie Man's production team which resulted in the video being shown the same night.

Prior to the airing attempts were made to remove sections of the footage showing the church and the tombstones, but at the time they were unable to find the right person to do the editing.

The video was recorded for Beenie Man's singles Mama's Cry/Gangsta's Prayer and is a depiction of the crime and violence now taking place in the society. Beenie Man said he was tired of seeing how many people and friends of his are ending up in the grave and it is his way of showing his condemnation of the murders and violence.

The church took out an injunction that effectively bars the defendants from publishing, broadcasting or releasing for publication or broadcast in any audiovisual media the music video films or other visual images recorded by Beenie Man's production team.

The matter is scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court on October 11.


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