May 20, 2009

A.T.I OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE : The Merger .... Absolute Entertainment and Appleton Rum

"I am happy to work with Al (Alex Chin) again after the 3 year separation. Despite the differences, we remained friends and we always expressed the interest of one day working together again, and finally, this dream has come true. What we created 9 years ago has now grown into a tourism product that promises so much for Negril, Jamaica and the world." states David Walton, brand manager of Appleton Jamaica Rum as he announce Appleton Sponsorship of ORIGINAL ATI... Appleton Temptation Isle which will be hosted between August 5 to 9, 2009 in Negril, Jamaica. "What we have here is something that will be around for at least the next 30 years".

Below is the Official Press Release as Prepared by Absolute Entertainment Ltd.

"Nine years ago Alex Chin had a vision to create the ultimate party weekend, numerous events under one season band. Through this vision the ATI family was formed. For the first five years, Appleton held the title sponsorship position for this ground breaking series, at which point both brands explored different paths. After a three year hiatus, both party giants have reunited, Absolute and Appleton is proud to bring back the ORGINAL ATI. To date this partnership has proved to be the ultimate, unforgettable Party Weekend, with years of experience and sold out parties in Negril.

Temptation Ilse has for nine years ruled the party scene as a calender event for the best parties in Jamaica, which is much anticipated wild beach parties, live events and vibes riddled all inclusive events. Best explained by the "Weekend that never sleeps" this concept weekend has proved to be the ONLY successful mix of beach, fashion, music, food and drinks, proven by the high number of returned partiers as well as those who travel from as far as London, Canada, Atlanta, Baltimore and Miami.

With the goal insight just two months away, we are announcing the Merger, the two brands together to give you the experience of a lifetime .... Negril, Jamaica, welcomes ATI 2009 brought to you by Absolute Entertainment Ltd and Appleton Jamaica Rum, August 5th to 9th. Our featured line-up includes Hip Hop Jouvert, Tempted "Glow" , Pretty in Pink on the Beach, Rhythm & Booze, Stages, The ATI Toga Party, Colours, Wild Sides and Fusion.

In commemorating the reunion of the Original Negril Weekend partners we have decided to offer our loyal patrons a unique opportunity to purchase our limited edition ' Original Negril Season Band" ticket. This unbelievable priced ticket will be available starting Monday June 1. Additional we have listened to the feedback from our patrons outside of Kingston, and have made arrangement for these tickets to be avialable at the following outlets across the island:

  • Dunrobin Texaco in Kingston
  • Fairview Texaco Bogue, Montego Bay
  • Heaven's Texaco in Mandeville
  • White River Texaco in Ocho Rios
  • We look forward to taking our partons, Beyond the Fun, Beyond the Vibe, Beyond the Experience, .... It's going to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!"



    1. Whats the cost of these limited edition tickets?

    2. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

      yeah...whats the we can budget for june 1