Jul 29, 2009

Gaza or Gully Who is Winning and Should it Stop ?

First it was Biggie Smalls vs Makaveli then the classic Nas vs Jay-z and more recently we’ve seen 50 cent vs the whole hiphop industry war, but rap beefs have been going on since the days of BDP vs The Juice Crew.

Hiphop is not the only music genre full of competition, dancehall reggae music has had its own notorious beefs like the Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man beef and the old clashes between Super Cat, Ninja Man & Shabba. I think personally competition in any music genre is needed from time to time, plus the fact that it makes for good conversation.

Now there seems to be an even bigger war brewing on the island of Jamaica. “GAZA” vs “GULLY”, now for those that may not know that’s between the two artist known as Mavado(Gully) & Vybz Kartel(Gaza).

The battle going on between dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel (who’s uncompromising and tough sound from the streets gives him the Gaza tag) and Movado – the singjay, a cross between DJ and singer – better known as the Gully God because of the place he comes from in Kingston- Cassava Piece, with its’ huge gully running through it.

Now is often said that lyrically Kartel is better hands down but when it comes down to song making ability with melodies, hooks etc Mavado is better. The next reason why Mavado is often give favor over kartel is because he has the backing of the “Warlord” himself Bounty Killer. The Warlord or Ground God as he goes by nowadays has brought out some of JA’s biggest upcoming artist including both Mavado & even Kartel but some say things turned sour between Kartel & the Warlord when Kartel refused to pick sides between Killer & Killer’s true rival Beenie Man. So eventually Kartel created his own crew “Gaza” & Mavado did the same “Gully”.

Now this article was publish to see the different opinions people have on these topics, tell me what you think on the 5o cent vs Rick Ross feud…If you say Gaza or if you say Gully tell me why?? If you think the feuding should stop or is bad for the industry express your feelings….

SOURCE: millionairedreamz.wordpress.com


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  1. As far as the music goes its Gaza but going on the rumours, photos, news reports and being a women myself, i am disgusted with the way they treated their former female artists and women in general for that matter. But like i said.. Gaza as far as music.

    Never liked 50 GGGGUNOT Dont know too much about the beef except 50 hating on Rick Ross because he was a correctional officer (old news, who cares 50). 50 just wants attention. I hope RR pulls a few string with his former colleagues and send 50 in 24hr isolation so we never get to see or hear from him again.

    Beef gives the hip hop/dancehall industry a bad name but also makes alot of people money. Besides the only people giving the bad names probably don't listen to hip hop/dancehall or they'd know not all songs are about negativity. As for the ones that do listen... we love it. Dont tell me you dont hang out for the next diss record, listening to every word, trying to decode it. We love it!